Who am I and what am I doing?

So now you are here, now what?

This is my first post. I thought I would take a minute to introduce myself. I am a car nut, in particular little Audi A2’s. I have been involved with the A2 scene in the UK for many years. I don’t know everything but I’m keen to try things out and I take video’s along the way to help others avoid mistakes and to keep a record of my work for the future.

I have created this site to act as a place where people can come to get links to my video’s and to the products I use within them all in the one place.

I am affiliated with Amazon and I use their products where I can. I will recommend other sites if I have found them useful also, but I find that Amazon offers most of the products I need at good prices, with great delivery and a tremendous returns policy (although rarely needed). As part of using links that I provide Amazon offers me a small contribution (usually 1-2%) of the purchase price of an item. Any money generated (so far about £4 – so not by any means life changing) will go back towards buying more products for the channel and supporting the creation of video’s. I very much appreciate any support you can give me by using these links, although I appreciate if you find products elsewhere that are more convenient or at a better price this may not happen. The price you pay using my links is not impacted by Amazon offering me a contribution and you will pay the same if you use my link or not, so whilst it doesn’t change at your end it makes a great deal of difference for me, so again thank you in advance!

My goal is to get 1000 subscribers on my Youtube channel within 1 year. This will be a tall order as the Audi A2 world is relatively small but this is my challenge to myself. I may from time to time include video’s on other topics that either interest me or are part of my journey in video making. Hopefully you will also find these useful.

If you have read this far I really appreciate it. Again welcome to the site and I hope my video’s and the products I offer help you on your journey with your car.


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